I know many of you have Facebook accounts. Recently Facebook made some changes to its privacy settings that allows a Facebook user to designate a person to have access to an account after the Facebook account holder dies. Facebook calls the person a “legacy contact.”

Instruction for setting up your legacy contact can be found here. For more information about what your legacy contact can and cannot do look here.

So it only takes a few minutes to review and set-up a legacy contact for your Facebook account. Many people do not realize that it only takes a few minutes to prepare a will. It seems like most young people do not think about whether they should have a will or other basic legal documents. I think younger people have shied away from making wills partly because the old way of thinking about them was referred to as “estate planning.” Estate planning has a very negative connotation.

In my North Dakota law practice I have a new way of approaching this topic. I call it Life Planning. Life Planning deals with the things that you can do today to make sure that the ones you love are taken care of if something unexpected happens to you. Life Planning is especially important for any person that is living with someone that they are not married to, has a blended family or owns property. Life planning allows you to take care of your loved ones by designating who gets your property and who should make health decisions for you.

Most people do not realize that if they die without a will then a state law determines who gets your property and it my not be who you want or who you would imagine would get your property.

Look here to get more information about Life Planning. You will find that Life Planning will not take a lot of time and it will not be as expensive as you think. I use transparent flat fees for my Life Planning legal services so you know how much it will cost. You can get more information about my Life Planning legal services by taking advantage of my Free E-Mail Initial Consultations or by calling me at 701-630-1846.