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Business Documents:

Bill of Sale: FREE! This document is a bill of sale to be used for the sale of any goods or personal property. The form contains questions concerning details of the goods being sold as well as contact information of the buyer and seller.

General Assignment: FREE! This form is intended to assign all rights to, benefits of, and title of personal property from one party (the Assignor) to another (the Assignee).

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Human Resources:

At, we have plenty of free human resource documents for use.

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Accident Report Form: FREE! This form may be used to generate a report of an employee accident that occurred on the job.

Acknowledgement of Resignation: FREE! This letter serves as a record that the employer has received and accepts an employee’s notice of resignation. A copy of the letter should be sent to a resigning employee as well as retained in the employee’s personnel file.

Applicant Reference Check: FREE! This form may be used by an employer to obtain information about an applicant from the references provided by the applicant. The form should be filled out by the employer and sent to the applicant’s listed references for them to complete. Be sure to check the state laws governing what information may and may not be provided about an applicant’s previous work history.

Authorization to Release Information: FREE! This is a letter informing an employer that they have been provided as a reference for a prior employee. The letter releases the employer from liability when the employer releases information about the prior employee’s work history. The form contains contact information for the employee and the employer, and also contains a limitation period.

Certificate of Group Health Plan Coverage: FREE! This certificate provides evidence of your prior health coverage. You may need to furnish this certificate if you become eligible under a group health plan that excludes coverage for certain medical conditions that you have before you enroll. This certificate may need to be provided if medical advice, diagnosis, care, or treatment was recommended or received for the condition within the 6-month period prior to your enrollment in the new plan. If you become covered under another group health plan, check with the plan administrator to see if you need to provide this certificate. You may also need this certificate to buy, for yourself or your family, an insurance policy that does not exclude coverage for medical conditions that are present before you enroll.

COBRA Election Form for Employee: FREE! This form is to be completed by employees seeking to participate in the COBRA program, which allows employees to remain enrolled in their employer’s group health plan for a limited time when the employee has left the company. The employee is responsible for the insurance premiums if enrolled in COBRA, but receives the benefit of group coverage, which often means lower premiums.

COBRA Late Payment Notice: FREE! This letter should be sent by the employer or plan administrator of an employee enrolled in the COBRA health insurance program who is late making a payment. Employees are responsible for paying the premiums for health insurance coverage while enrolled in the COBRA program.

Confirmation Letter of Employment and Termination: FREE! This form can be used by previous employers who are asked to verify a former employee’s work history. The form provides the former employee’s time of employment and pay rate.

Consent to Pre-Employment Testing and Release of Results: FREE! To avoid controversy over the use of drug and alcohol testing, it is best to notify the employee/applicant of the company’s drug testing policy and to obtain his/her consent to be subjected to the testing. Be sure to check with state and Federal laws and regulations to insure the company’s drug testing policy does not violate the rights of the employee/applicant.

Corrective Action Form: FREE! This form provides notice to an employee of the need for improvement in his or her job performance as well as documentation of the history of disciplinary action that has been taken against an employee. Copies should be kept by the central Human Resources office and in the employee’s personnel file.

Direct Deposit Enrollment Form: FREE! This form should be used by an employee who wishes to have his or her paycheck directly deposited into the employees checking or savings account on payday.

Discipline Policy: FREE! This form may be used to generate a discipline policy to be made available to all the employees in a company. Having a written policy provides an employer with some evidence that all employees are treated equally in the event an employee files a grievance or lawsuit about the way in which he or she has been disciplined. The form also contains written notices that can be sent to employees that violate company policy and are to be disciplined following the procedures of this discipline policy.

Employee Certification of Cancellation of Dependent Health Coverage: FREE! This form should be used when an employee wishes to cancel the coverage of a dependent that they have previously included in his or her health care coverage. The employee should provide the employer with the reason for canceling the coverage and return the form to the employer. Employee Handbook Acknowledgment: FREE! Although an employee handbook can be a valuable part of your workplace, it can also make you vulnerable to claims from your employees that the handbook creates an employment contract. Such a contract could limit your right to discipline and terminate your employees. This Employee Handbook Acknowledgment form can help you guard against such claims because it informs employees clearly and unambiguously that the handbook does not create a contract. You should be aware, however, that if your actions or if documents otherwise create a contract with your employees, this form on its own will not be enough to protect you.

Employee Orientation and Training Checklist: FREE! Employers can use this checklist to help ensure that new employees to a company or a department are properly oriented with company and department policies.

Employee Request for FMLA Leave: FREE! This form is for employees seeking to take leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Employees should provide the reason they qualify for leave under the FMLA as well as affirm the conditions under which the leave will be taken.

Employee Request for Leave: FREE! This form should be used by employee’s who need to request leave from work for a variety of reasons including: paid leave, jury duty, short-term disability, military leave, and worker’s compensation. The request should be completed and submitted to the employer for processing in compliance with company policy.

Employee Self-Evaluation: FREE! This form may be completed by an employee to evaluate his or her own performance. It is a useful tool to use during performance evaluations so that the employee is involved in the evaluation process. After completing the form, the employee should meet with his or her supervisor and the two should go over the form together discussing accomplishments and how to improve weaknesses.

Employee Self-Evaluation: FREE! This form may be completed by an employee to evaluate his or her own performance. It is a useful tool to use during performance evaluations so that the employee is involved in the evaluation process. After completing the form, the employee should meet with his or her supervisor and the two should go over the form together discussing accomplishments and how to improve weaknesses.

Exit Employment Checklist: FREE!

This form is used when an employee is leaving the company regardless of the reason. It is a useful method for insuring that the employee and employer have fulfilled all obligations to each other as well as track company inventory.

Exit Interview Questionnaire: FREE! Many employers find it helpful to ask employees who are leaving the company about their experience while employed with the company. The purpose of conducting an exit interview questionnaire is to help the company identify ways of improving its climate, management and conditions of employment, and as a method of monitoring how they are doing as an employer. This form may be completed by an employee and returned to the company’s Human Resources department.

Flexible Spending Account Claim Form: FREE! This form may be used by an employee to file a claim for reimbursement from the employee’s Health Care Spending, Day Care Expense or Insurance Reimbursement Account.

Flexible Spending Plan Worksheet: FREE! Many employers offer Health Care Spending Accounts, which enable employees to pay for eligible health care expenses that are not reimbursed by any other plan for the employee and his or her dependents with pre-tax dollars. This worksheet is designed to help the employee estimate these expenses to determine how much to place in his or her Health Care Spending Account.

Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification: FREE! This standardized form from the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) must be completed by all new employees to confirm their eligibility to work in the United States. This form may also be used to update or reverify eligibility of employment information for an existing employee.

Non-Discrimination Policy: FREE! This form creates a written statement declaring the employer’s non-discrimination policy, which is to extend beyond hiring practices and cover dealings with existing employees, customers, clients and vendors.

Request for Advanced Sick Leave: FREE! This form should be used by employees who know in advance that they will need to take sick leave. Such an advanced request should be accompanied by a doctor’s certification of the need for the leave. This form should not be used by employee’s seeking leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Request for Reasonable Accommodation: FREE! Employees with medical disabilities are entitled to ask their employer to make reasonable accommodations at the work place for the employee’s disability. This form can be used by the employee to make a request as well as offer suggestions for solutions to the employee’s need for accommodation. Employers are required to comply so long as the request does not impose an undue hardship to the employer. To receive guidance on specific problems and possible solutions, call the Office of Disability Employment Policy’s Job Accommodation Network at 800-526-7234, or 800-ADA-WORK (800-232-9675), or, with computer and modem, 800-DIAL-JAN (800-342-5526).

Termination Procedures: FREE! This form may be used to generate procedures for terminating an employee. It provides a description of dismissible behaviors and actions as well as the steps to be taken before an employee may be terminated.

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Complaint Letters:

One category of FREE documents available through is Complaint Letters. We have all had a bad experience with a business or service provider, and often we would like to give them a “piece of our mind.” I cannot promise that sending a Complaint Letter will change anything, but it just might make you feel better. These free Complaint Letter at least provide a starting point for expressing your anger about how you were treated.

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