You may find it hard to believe but there is actually a shortage of attorneys in rural North Dakota. University of North Dakota Law School Dean Kathryn Rand has stated that there are only an average of 1.3 attorneys per 1000 people in rural North Dakota.  Just a few years ago, if you believed all the attorney jokes, you would have thought the whole country was over-run by attorneys and lawyers.

Shortages of rural attorney have also been reported in South Dakota, Nebraska and Georgia, all perfectly good places to live and raise a family. Even if you think there are too many attorneys creating too many lawsuits, there are times when normal everyday people need an attorney. Land purchases, new businesses and estate planning are just a few examples where good legal advice often prevents serious problems at a later date.

Being able to provide convenient legal services to people anywhere in North Dakota is one of the main reasons I have developed my website, Modern technology now allows me to provide legal assistance to rural North Dakota without requiring my clients to drive hundreds of miles.

I can prepare and review legal documents using secure email services that allow collaboration on documents. Web based conferences allow face-to-face discussion and simultaneous review of documents. Modern technology not only allows me to assist rural clients it also makes the cost of obtaining legal assistance reasonable and affordable.

I can assist my rural North Dakota clients with preparing purchase agreements, deed preparation, preparing wills and trusts and handling probate matters. Even though I might live in the big city, I grew up on a small farm and in a small town.

Do not hesitate to call me or contact me through my website, where you can use my free advice email to find out what I can do to help you.