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  • MODERN TECHNOLOGY                         question-mark-funny-face makes “office hours” convenient for YOU.

“Banker’s Hours” are so old fashioned that banks no longer use them.

My website, YOUR access to legal services, is open 24 hours a day.

Using you can obtain a FREE INTITIAL CONSULTATION BY EMAIL sent anytime.

You can see what services I provide and how much I charge for each service.

You can schedule an appointment to meet with me, by telephone, by online videoconference or at my office in Fargo.  My hours are flexible and we will find a time for YOUR meeting that is convenient for YOU. is the New Way, the modern way to provide client focused legal services. My innovative website at offers legal fees that fit YOUR needs.

I use transparent fees.  Transparent fees allow YOU to know how much your legal fees will be for each project.

I use Flat Fees, a set fee for a defined project, so YOU will know exactly how much your fee will be before we start.

In cases where we must use an houly fee rate, I charge $170 per hour.  I will provide you with an estimate of what I believe the total fees will be for your project.

In some types of litigation I use a Contingent Fee where you only pay a legal fee if you recover damages and the fee is based on a percentage of what you recover.

In some cases I use a Hybrid Fee, that is a combination of my other types of fees customized to fit the specific task that YOU have requested.

Before we start you will always receive a written explanation of the Fee Agreement.


Traditional Law Offices Use Old Fashioned Bankers Hours

Remember when your bank used “Banker’s Hours”: 9 to 5. Convenient times for the banker not the customer. Traditional Law Offices still use old fashioned “Banker’s Hours” convenient for attorneys, not clients. “Banker’s Hours” mean YOU have to miss work to meet with an attorney.


Traditional Law Offices Rely On Charging Fees Based On A Billable Hour Rate

The Billable Hour Rate was developed by law firms to best serve their interest in guaranteeing law firm income. The client must agree to pay a set rate for the time the attorneys spend working on the file. The Billable Hour Rate rewards the law firm for being inefficient. When the Billable Hour Rate is used to determine fees there is no incentive for the law firm to incorporate time saving modern technology.