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The advice and information provided by me in response to your email is not intended to be used by you to make important legal decisions that may affect your rights. The advice and information is educational only and you agree that it will only be used to determine when and what type of additional legal services your situation may require.

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You agree that you are asking for and receiving my initial opinion and that you do not expect me to do any research to respond to your question. My response is limited to the facts as you have presented them. You do not expect me to make any independent investigation to determine whether other facts exist that could affect the answer that I have provided. By allowing you to send me an email requesting a free email consultation I am not agreeing to provide you with any advice or legal services other than my initial opinion and response to your question. I am not agreeing to take any action to investigate your situation. I am not agreeing to appear for you in Court or at any other type of legal proceeding. I am not agreeing to take any action to prevent a statute of limitations or other deadline from expiring. I am not agreeing to take any type of action to protect any legal right or interest you may have. Two more things: DO NOT SEND EMAIL QUESTIONS CONCERNING PENDING CRIMINAL CHARGES OR ACTIVITY THAT MAY RESULT IN CRIMINAL CHARGES. What you email may be used against you. Never discuss criminal charges by email. Never post comments or questions on websites discussing the facts related to pending or potential criminal charges. DO NOT SEND EMAIL QUESTIONS CONCERNING IMMINENT COURT DATES, RESPONSES TO A SUMMONS OR SUBPOENA THAT HAS BEEN SERVED ON YOU, OR STATUTES OF LIMITATIONS THAT ARE ABOUT TO EXPIRE. Time sensitive issues require scheduling an appointment with an attorney as soon as possible. The law often imposes strict deadlines. Failure to take the appropriate action before the deadline may result in severe consequences.

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